Akevitt: Livets Vann0

A new Aquavit book arrived in my mailbox this month: Akevitt: Livets Vann, by Lene Aarnes Westerhaug. The title is Norwegian for the somewhat redundant “Aquavit: Water of Life”, and this book promises 200 beautiful pages of photographs and information about this Scandinavian spirit.

As far as the content goes, I can only comment on the design, as the book is written in Norwegian which I, alas, do not read. It is a beautiful book though, with fantastic illustrations and photography throughout.

Most interesting to me personally, and the reason I have a copy of this book in the first place, is that the chapter on modern aquavit bottlings includes a section on aquavits and variants from outside Norway, including the Icelandic brennivín. The photo used here is one I took myself of the brennivín I brought back after my trip to Iceland last fall (originally seen on this post from October 10, 2010).

It’s also cool that I share a two page spread with Krogstad Aquavit, made right here in Portland by House Spirits.

Finally, I even got a takk at the end of the last page:

If you read Norwegian, you can find the author at her web site, her blog, and on Twitter as @kraftbyraa.