BarSmarts Wired0


If you’ve given up on bartending courses after seeing one too many videos from the American Bartending School, don’t lose hope just yet. Pernod Ricard USA is now offering an online version of their BarSmarts course. While their advanced course in an in-person affair that takes place in various cities around the US and apparently requires an invitation to attend, the new *BarSmarts Wired* online course is open to everyone and, as the name implies, is taken online.

The online course consists of four sections ranging from the basic history of distillation up to practical, applied mixology. Each section contains a handful of chapters, instructional videos, and is concluded with a test you must pass to proceed to the next section. You have 30 days from your registration date to complete the course; they recommend budgeting one week for each section and leaving yourself time to retake the tests if you don’t pass the first time. The registration fee is $45 which also includes “… a BarSmarts computer bag, plus a complete set of professional bar tools, hand selected by Dale DeGroff”. I’m not crazy about the BarSmarts branding on everything, and the inclusion of the laptop bag is just weird, but overall it’s a nice addition to the course.

BarSmarts Gear

Registration for BarSmarts Wired is only open until September 30 so register now if you’re interested. At only $45, which gets you some equipment as well as an education, it’s well worth it for home bartenders and hobbyists as well as professionals. I’m currently working on the third section and have already learned a few things I didn’t know from the first two. I can’t wait to see what else is covered.

There’s a good writeup of the program over at Undertaking the Bar.