CocktailDB on your iPhone3

The folks over at CocktailDB have released Cocktails, a drink database for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application contains 1,500 drink recipes from sources such as The Savoy Cocktail Book, The Joy of Mixology, Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, and others.

It’s a little slow but it does pretty much everything you could want from something like this. You can browse the cocktail list alphabetically, by type of cocktail, or by base spirit, or just search for what you’re looking for. Each listing shows how many variants are included, and once you choose your drink you can flip between the different variations. The source of each recipe is noted, along with the year, and as the recipes get older, they appear to be printed on old, yellowed paper, as you see below. Pretty neat.

CocktailDB on your iPhone       CocktailDB on your iPhone

CocktailDB on your iPhone       CocktailDB on your iPhone

You can get Cocktails from the Apple App Store for $9.99. It sounds like a bit much for something you can get on the web for free but worth it for the iPhone-optimized user interface and easy access. It’ll definitely come in handy the next time I’m out somewhere and trying to remember exactly what goes in a Bronx Bomber or am trying to find a good use for the spirits on hand.

CocktailDB for your iPhone

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