Dr. Zarkov’s Tiki Lounge0

While perusing the Barware, Bar Tools, Barphemera, etc. group on Flickr, I came across an amazing home tiki bar, by someone named Dr. Zarkov (not the Dr. Zarkov?!?).

Dr. Zarkov's home tiki lounge

I’ve long dreamed of having a nice home bar but, alas, rental prices in the bay area necessitate cutting your space requirements down to a minimum. I don’t think I’d go the tiki bar route for my home bar anyway but I always appreciate a nicely done one when I see them. Maybe I’ll do a tiki satellite bar out in the back garden (when we have one).

And don’t miss the adjoining Bettie Page themed bathroom:

Dr. Zarkov's home tiki lounge

You can find his full set of pictures on Flickr.