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Imbibe Magazine

I recently read my first copy of Imbibe, a magazine dedicated to “wine, spirits and beer to coffee, tea and everything in between”. It was sent over by a someone in their Portland office who noticed what I’m doing here and thought I might be interested. Imbibe was one of the sponsors of San Francisco Cocktail Week 2008.

This is their summer issue, which has some great looking recipes suitable for drinking outdoors on a sunny day (I actually have yet to try any but I’ve got my eye on a couple). But they don’t stop with cocktails: this issue also includes two feature articles on wine, one on a hop shortage affecting small brewers, and one on making iced coffee for those times when an alcoholic beverage isn’t appropriate. This last one, in particular, was interesting to me personally because I had just been reading about cold brewing coffee somewhere else and wanting to give it a try.

Aside from the feature articles, Imbibe is also full of good shorter pieces on everything from wine aerators to a saison roundup to the origins of bourbon. While I wouldn’t called Imbibe essential reading, they do have some good stuff, enough that I’ve picked up a subscription. If you’re interested in a steady flow of new recipes as well as information of all things beverage-related, check it out. You can subscribe from the Imbibe web site or pick up individual issues on Amazon.