Root has arrived!0

UPS just delivered my bottle of Root, the new spirit on the market that I mentioned recently. It’s a bit early to try it (no, really, I have work to do this afternoon!) but I’m pretty excited. It smells fantastic, like a grown-up root beer.


The packaging has some nice details too, from the simple label on the front to the herb illustrations on the back. I would have preferred to see a real cork, but the Art in the Age logo engraved on the cap is a nice touch.

The included booklet has some basic serving suggestions such as Root and Tonic (self-explanatory), Root and Ginger (Root and ginger beer), and a “Root Beer” (Root and dark beer). Simple stuff I’m sure I’ll try, but I’m more interested first in trying it neat, to really get the full flavor, and then in some of the more complex recipes on AITA’s Root recipe page. Stay tuned for tasting notes.