Stoned like a Statue3

In nice weather we like to go to the monthly antique flea market in Alameda, Antiques by the Bay. We’ll wander around this enormous place for a few hours admiring all the great furniture, clothing, and collectibles, then head over to Forbidden Island for an afternoon Mai Tai. We’re not the only ones — there’s a good-sized contingent of people who do the same thing. So many, in fact, that Forbidden Island now has DJs starting at 3:00pm on the first Sunday of the month, right after the flea market closes.

Every once in a while we’ll buy stuff too. Our most recent trip turned up this gem from 1961, Stoned like a Statue: A Complete Survey of Drinking Cliches, Primitive, Classical, and Modern.

Stoned like a Statue

I’m not really sure how to describe this book. It’s around 80 pages exactly like the ones you see pictured here. I don’t know how I was unaware of this book’s existence for so long, but I sure am glad I found it.

Stoned like a Statue

It also features a hilarious introduction by none other than Dean Martin, where he discusses the art of drinking.

My taste in art has matured over the years and like many connoisseurs I have become an authority. My weaknesses: The Primitive art from the hills of Tennessee and Kentucky… The impressionist Johnny Walker… The native handiwork turned out by villagers just stamping their feet…

It’s signed Dino, of course. Be sure to to read the whole thing.

Stoned like a Statue

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Danny B.

I purchased this book sandwiched in plastic between two other pulp fiction titles; Death is My Lover and Rim of Space. It was in an obscure little dollar store on the East Side of Detroit. I only bought them for the titles and covers. It was a buck. I’m pretty sure it was the best bargain I ever got. Love this book! I wouldn’t have even known there was such a nice edition if I hadn’t stumbled here. Thanks for sharing. Treasure that book!

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Wonder how much it’d sell for now?