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Sarai and I went to K&L Wines over the weekend to make use of a $50 gift certificate we received for Xmas. We rarely spend over $10 for a single bottle of wine so we went in with the idea that we’d spring the whole thing on one really nice bottle and save it for a special occasion. We had a mailer of theirs with some pretty outrageous prices so we expected this gift certificate wouldn’t go too far anyway.

As it turns out, we were pleasantly surprised to find a good selection at supermarket prices (perfect for cheapskates like us), as well as their high-end selection. The store is really big so there was plenty of room for a wide range. We looked over some around the $50 range and decided that buying yet more wine to save is a little silly. We’ve already got three bottles we’re saving as it is, two that we bought in Florence and one that a remote co-worker of mine brought me from Paris, and we’re not even sure what sort of occasion warrants opening them. The latest issue of Cooking Light magazine has some wine tips on the last page that recommend against saving all your best wine for special occasions:

Stop saving those “great” bottles… Wine is meant for drinking, no special occasion needed.

So with that in mind, we decided to get two or three moderately-priced bottles and not worry about saving them (we’re still saving the other three though). We got French and Sicilian reds and this neat bottle of Prosecco. I love the way the cork is tied down with twine instead of the foil and wire you usually see on sparkling wines.


Prosecco cork

One thing K&L Wines doesn’t have that I like to see at wine stores is ratings. I’m just starting to really get into wine and, frankly, don’t know very much about it yet, so ratings help when looking for something good. My Wine Enthusiast guide is a little hefty to carry to the store with me.

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Ken |

You might find my practical party case link at handy. It focuses on the kinds of wines you want to target. We also do all the rating research for you. Enjoy – Ken

Kenn |

Hey, thanks for the tip. I’ve bookmarked it.

I like the way you take other ratings into account when doing your own; like you say, that’s much more helpful than a single opinion.