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Portland, Oregon

Portland has always been a great city for cocktails but it’s getting even better lately, with a handful of new spots opening around town. The Bent Brick is one of these.

Opening just a couple weeks ago, The Bent Brick has quickly gotten a lot of positive attention for both their food and cocktail menus. The restaurant (or tavern, as they prefer) was opened by Park Kitchen alumnus Scott Dolich, and he brought along Adam Robinson, former bartender at Park Kitchen, to run the bar at Bent Brick.

The Stranger: bourbon, sarsaparilla, verjus, angelica

For our first round, we tried The Stranger and the Beginning of the End, which we paired with quinoa fritters and grilled snap peas. All were delicious. The Stranger, in particular, was really interesting, with an unusual mix of flavors that created a curiously layered drink.

The approach they’re taking is “hyper-local”, and that extends from the food to the bar, where Adam is focusing on local spirits and ingredients wherever possible, even going so far as to make his own replacements for some standard ingredients not produced locally.

The mostly-local back bar

Our second round was the Drifting Along, made with Old Tom gin and pine, and the Rise to the Occasion. I had a little trouble deciding between the latter and the Slabtown Sour, which came with Adam’s recommendation. The Rise to the Occasion was very good but I know I have to go back for the sour soon. It was clearly a big seller; our seats at the bar allowed us to see just how many of those he was mixing up during our time there.

The Bent Brick is a bit out of the way, on NW 16th and Marshall, but the space is great. We were there on an uncharacteristically warm July day and loved that one side of the restaurant open could be opened to the outside air. They’re open 5:00–10:00pm Tuesday through Saturday, but I recommend visiting on a weekday if you can, as they fill up quickly.

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