Squeaky Bean0

Denver, Colorado

While doing a little research for a recent trip to Denver, the oddly-named Squeaky Bean kept coming up. This was my first time in Denver and while I usually keep list of notable bars in a variety of cities I may find myself in, I didn’t have any here. But the number of recommendations I got for it made The Squeaky Bean a good bet.

So after a fantastic dinner at Watercourse Foods, we made our way up to Denver’s Highland neighborhood. We arrived around 8:00pm and managed to get seats at the bar where Sean Kenyon was mixing up drinks. We had met briefly via Twitter in the days before our visit so we introduced ourselves and settled into the serious business of exploring the menu.

We had a couple rounds during our visit, trying the Smoking Frenchman, The Gooch, The Drinkable Molly Brown, and their signature Rock and Rye. All were great, but the Smoking Frenchman really nailed it. Their house-bottled Rock and Rye was also very neat, having been bottled up with their own custom labels. Delicious too.