Royal Brunch Punch0

While the programs we printed for this year’s Cocktail Camp PDX contained most of the recipes we served at the event, some were omitted due to space constraints. One of these was the punch served by Jackie Patterson at the Lillet bar in the morning.

A few people have asked for this recipe, so here you go:

Royal Brunch Punch

  • 25 oz Earl Grey tea
  • 1 bottle Lillet Blanc
  • 1 bottle Hendrick’s Gin
  • 1 bottle Solerno
  • 18 3/4 oz fresh meyer lemon juice
  • 12 1/2 oz orange marmalade
  • 12 1/2 oz soda water

Brew tea and set aside to cool. Combine all ingredients except soda in a punch bowl with a few large blocks of ice and stir briskly to combine. Add soda water and serve.