Great American Distillers Festival 2009 Mixology Competition2

I’ve had a few people ask about the mixology competition at the Great American Distillers Festival last weekend and where they could find a list of those competing and the results. Unfortunately, the event web site doesn’t contain any of this information.

The final competition was also filmed and streamed over the web but I haven’t been able to find anything about it, so it may not still be available. I did find the video below, however, where you can see the end as the winner was announced. (If you know where I can find a longer video, please let me know.)

And here is the list of competing bartenders, the bars they represent, and the spirits used in the first round cocktails.

Brian Gilbert
Teardrop Cocktail lounge, Portland, Oregon
Hood River Distillers Cockspur Rum

Andrew Volk
Clyde Common, Portland, Oregon
Rogue Hazelnut Spice Rum

Michael Robertson
The Driftwood Room / Hotel de Luxe, Portland, Oregon
Hood River Distillers Pendleton Whiskey

Ricky Gomez
Cure, New Orleans, Louisiana
Pacific Distillery Voyager Dry Gin

John Hearn
Maine Distillers Cold River Vodka

Joe Turner
The Gilt Club, Portland, Oregon
Artisan Spirits Martin Ryan Vodka

Zane Harris
Rob Roy, Seattle, Washington
Integrity Spirits 12 Bridges Gin

Evan Zimmerman _(finalist, winner)_
Laurelhurst Market, Portland, Oregon
Tuthilltown Hudson Bay Manhattan Rye

Matthew Schuler
Hood River Distillers Yazi River Vodka

Jeremy Stone
The Heathman Restaurant and Bar, Portland, Oregon
Cascade Peak Organic Nation Gin

Bradley Dawson
Bluehour, Portland, Oregon
Integrity Spirits Lovejoy Vodka

Andrew Friedman _(finalist)_
Liberty, Seattle, Washington

Dan Stern
Urban Farmer, Portland, Oregon
House Spirits Aviation Gin

Andrew Bohrer
Naga Cocktail Lounge, Bellevue, Washington
Tuthilltown Hudson Bay Bourbon Whiskey

Jacob Grier
Carlyle, Portland, Oregon
Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Anu Apte
Rob Roy, Seattle, Washington
J. Witty Chamomile Liqueur

Elizabeth Markham
Beaker and Flask, Portland, Oregon
Dry Fly Gin

Jim Romdall _(finalist)_
Vessel, Seattle, Washington
Tuthilltown Hudson Bay Manhattan Rye

Lydia Reissmueller
Prichards Fine Rum

Tommy Klus
Teardrop Cocktail lounge, Portland, Oregon
Hood Rover Distillers Pendleton Whiskey

Kinn Edwards
Aqua Seafood, Corvallis, Oregon
Roughstock Montana Whiskey

Jeff Groh
The Heathman Restaurant and Bar, Portland, Oregon
House Spirits Krogstad Aquavit

Ali Tahsini _(finalist)_
Bourbon and Branch, San Francisco, California
Tuthilltown Hudson Bay Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

Suzanne Allard
Ned Ludd, Portland, Oregon
Highball Distillery Elemental Vodka

Lots of bars I haven’t been to in this list. I’ve got to try a few of these places out.


Reader SauceSupreme found the video of the finals! Unfortunately, the Livestream code is really buggy so there’s a bit of a trick to watching it.

In order to view this, click on Play. It’ll say that the clip isn’t available. Select the button below that says “On Demand” which then brings up a menu. Select the Mixmaster Mixology Competition, and then it will play.

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SauceSupreme |

I embedded the video of the finals onto pdxplate; getting it to play is a bit round-about, but I posted instructions as well.

Kenn |

Got it, thanks! You’re not kidding about the Livestream code being buggy though.