Tiki Crawl 90

It’s that time of year again: Tiki Central just announced Tiki Crawl 9, this year’s annual annual tiki bar crawl around the San Francisco bay area. Taking place July 9 through 12, Tiki Crawl 9 features the best tiki spots around SF.

Tiki Crawl 9

Thursday, July 9 – San Francisco

* Trad’r Sam, Richmond district, SF
* Tonga Room, Nob Hill, SF (downstairs at the Fairmont Hotel)
* Bamboo Hut, North Beach, SF

Friday, July 10 – South Bay

* Smoke Tiki, San Jose
* Lost Tiki Island bar, San Jose
* Trader Vic’s, Palo Alto

That second item is interesting because it’s a home tiki bar built by one of the regulars on the Tiki Central forums.

Saturday, July 11 – East Bay

* Forbidden Island, Alameda
* Conga Lounge, Oakland
* Kona Club, Oakland
* Trader Vic’s, Emeryville

Forbidden Island is a personal favorite of mine.

Sunday, July 12 – Slowdown

* Tiki Tom’s, Oakland
* Forbidden Island, Alameda

Unfortunately, the Tiki Central site doesn’t have much info on the event beyond the basics you need to attend. I’d really like to see an archive of the previous years and maybe some photos (and, for that matter, a proper permanent URL for the event instead of just tikiroom.com/misc). But for more details on the schedule, locations, etc, see the Tiki Crawl schedule page.