World Domination Summit 2011
Portland Craft Cocktail Tour

You’ve just spent your day being educated and enlightened at the World Domination Summit. Join us now on an informal walking tour slash bar crawl as we visit just some of the amazing bars that make the Portland craft cocktail scene so special.

The three bars we’ve selected are shown below. We’ll be starting less than a mile from the Portland Art Museum, with each bar only a few blocks from the previous one. If you’d rather not walk to the first, the Portland Streetcar will drop you off just half a block away. To take the streetcar, walk around the block to 10th ave, board the streetcar toward NW 23rd, and get off at NW 10th & Everett (cost: free). Cabs are also readily available.

Oregon liquor laws require that all bars must also have a full food menu, so don’t worry about taking time out for dinner. Every place we’re going serves great food as well as top-notch cocktails.

These being some of Portland’s top bars, seating can be a little tricky on a Saturday night for a group the size of ours. We’ve made reservations for the times you see below but if you can’t get a seat at our tables, you can probably grab something at the bar or a table nearby. If all else fails, we’ve listed some nearby overflow spots that are also well worth checking out. Keep an eye on the #wdscocktails hashtag on Twitter to keep tabs on the rest of the group or check on seat availability.

Executive Summary

Our first reservation is at 7:00 at Teardrop Lounge. We’ll all meet there. We have the tables along the front windows booked, or you can just look for people wearing WDS nametags.

Splitting checks with a large group can get tricky, so it may be helpful to bring cash.

Further Afield

Staying in town longer or just want to venture out a little further over the weekend? Here are some other great spots to check out around Portland.

220 SW Ankeny St. (map)
Beaker & Flask
727 SE Washington St. (map)
St. Jack
2039 SE Clinton St. (map)
Secret Society Lounge
116 NE Russell St. (map)
Laurelhurst Market
3155 E Burnside St. (map)

The Bars

Teardrop Lounge   –   7:00

1015 NW Everett St. (map)

One of Portland’s first truly innovative cocktail bars, Teardrop continues to outdo themselves. This will be our first stop of the evening, beginning at 7:00.

Irving Street Kitchen, Clyde Common

Gilt Club   –   9:00

306 NW Broadway (map)

As seen on Portlandia, Gilt Club offers a plush atmosphere and a cocktail menu with a great selection of classic and original cocktails. We’ll meet here at 9:00.

Park Kitchen, Central

Clyde Common   –   10:30

1014 SW Stark St. (map)

The Clyde Common bar where Jeffrey Morganthaler developed his world-famous cask aged cocktails. We’ll wrap up the evening here beginning at 10:30.

Teardrop Lounge

How to keep up

Apart from the reservation times, this will be an informal tour, so feel free to linger at any of these places for a second round or a bite to eat. You can easily catch up later. Likewise, don’t worry about joining the tour late if you’re doing something else first. The bars are listed above with the times of our reservations so you can join us late if you prefer. Follow @kchrist, @seanogle, and the #wdscocktails hashtag on Twitter to check where we are at any given time.

About your guides

The Portland Cocktail Tour isn’t run by some faceless tour company with a double-decker bus. We’ll be right there alongside you at WDS all weekend and we jumped at the chance when we were asked to show off our Portland. We’ve picked out these bars based both on our own preferences and their proximity to the Portland Art Museum for easy walkability.

To see what else we’re up to, check out the rest of Cocktailia and some other stuff we’re involved in.

See you there. Cheers!